Elmers 70ft Super 7 Harrow

Elmers 70ft Super 7 Harrow
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Type:  Harrow 
Manufacturer:  Elmers 
Model: Super 7 
Stock inventory no: SUPER70024, SUPER7025, Super7027, SUPER7028 
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Introducing the Elmers Super 7-70 ft Harrow, a robust solution for elevated field preparation. This 70 ft solid-pull harrow boasts seven harrow sections with all sections featuring hardened tines, ensuring long-lasting durability. The tines, measuring 1/2" in diameter and 22" long, are strategically spaced at 1 7/16" intervals for comprehensive soil engagement.

The Elmers Super 7 Harrow offers unparalleled customization with adjustable tine angles from 90° to 40°, down pressure ranging from 0 to 10", and pitch adjustment of ±6°. With four hydraulic outlets required, it demands a minimum hydraulic flow of 10 gpm and is recommended to operate at 35 gpm for optimal performance. This harrow is designed for efficiency, demanding a power range of 5 - 7+ HP per foot.

Invest in the Elmers Super 7 Harrow to experience precise and controlled field preparation. Whether you're cultivating a uniform seedbed or enhancing overall crop yield, this harrow ensures reliable and efficient operation in every pass. Choose Elmers for a dependable solution that meets the demands of modern farming.


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