Schuitemaker Rapide 780 S

Schuitemaker Rapide 780 S
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Schuitemaker Rapide 780 S  


New/Used:  New 
Type:  Wagon 
Manufacturer:  Schuitemaker 
Model:  Rapide 780 S 

Additional Details: 

Schuitemaker Rapide 780 S

The Schuitemaker Rapide is the only real multi-purpose precision chop loader wagon and silage wagon in one on the market. That means that the Rapide precision chop loader wagon is not only suitable for picking up and cutting of all sorts of grass but also for the transport of heavy silage products, for example during the harvest of maize.


  • Capacity of 57 cubic meters (2013 cubic feet)
  • 24 tons parabolic suspended
  • 20 mm rotor with a digi star weighin system
  • a 1-3/8" -21 spline single side wide angle PTO.
  • following steered
  • hydraulic 4 wheel brakes
  • wheelbase 60 inch
  • 6.6-foot wide pick-up and rotor
  • star-shaped rotor of 7 rows and 20 mm thick tines with hard

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